From Winter to Spring skin with Hannah

Vulnerable skin as we finally say goodbye to the harsh winter wind which has brushed against our cheeks. The visible memory of rosy and dry patches stinging like a burning sensation as soon as we went outside and especially when we got back in. Long steaming hot showers and turning the central heating on high. Dressing in multiple layers – preferably wool – just to keep warm in the season known as the cool. 

The months of dropping temperatures, icy cold rain, snow and biting wind have been very damaging to especially the unprotected skin. Though with the lack of sunshine many tend to forget how important it is to protect (yes, with a spf) and take extra care. While the most common and visible problems are; dried out and cracking skin, others experience redness, tightness, dullness and irritated skin. Some call this from freckles to flakes which I find well said.

Within the beauty industry, governments as well as cancer awareness programs multiple millions per year are been spend to stretch the importance of using sun-protection (SPF) during the summer. After years of promoting this vital – and for some lifesaving – message people are finally realizing the damage and consequences those lovely rays of sun can cause.

Hannah’s Winter to Spring Skin Check

Different skin needs need a different skin routine and I can’t stretch that enough. Those light-weighted moisturizing creams, lotions, cooling-masks and mild-peels you use during the summer season are basically not what your skin required throughout the coldest time of the year and while many just put an extra layer on because their skin feels so parched, the noticeable problem becomes even more clear now that spring is here.

As the grey gloomy sky is starting to fade and the soft rays of sunshine are starting to illuminate it is the perfect time to shed your winter skin and get a personalized Hannah check-up to prepare for the change of season.

While I wish my words of skin wisdom were mine and mine alone, the truth is they belong to my highly trained Hannah skincare coach!

Changing a skincare routine is hard for many/most men and women, because face it; we are creatures of our own habits. Nestled in our comfort-zone many of us like seeing the same familiar skincare products every morning and every single night, but what when those same products aren’t providing what your skin needs? Plus as a self proclaimed (skincare) hoarder I find it very difficult and such a waste to throw products away. So, during my skin check appointment, I also asked my skincare coach to incorporate the product(s) I still had left, so I wouldn’t have to throw my leftovers away. And with this I want to stretch that it is important to communicate with your skin care coach. Don’t be affraid to ask question or have her explain the how and the why. All the coaches are not only trained to get the best out of your skin, but also to answer any skin-related question. Communication is key to get to know and love the skin you are in.

The beauty behind the products from Hannah is that you can mix it up to match it all (though always under supervision and consultation of your skin care coach). The products I’ve highlighted below are more then suitable to get rid of the dry, pale, dehydrated, and dull winter skin.

And while we all can’t wait to get rid of our blues and matching skin, spring also stands for a brand new start, a new beginning. So, it is no surprise that Hannah has also introduced two new exceptional products called the  Brilliant Touch and Primum Elixer. But as I haven’t tried these products yet, my post and review has to wait.

What I can tell you is that both are unique in its kind, because before now it has never been wise to peel your skin right before the glorious rays of sunshine begin. With the Primum Elixer those days are gone and it has come to my understanding that this extraordinary product is even suitable for the most sensible and darker skin types. The Brilliant Touch is said to be the next generation of a revolutionary selfie. With properties of white diamond core powder that is said to leave skin with a direct soft focus effect (bye-bye filters) and high-tech Progeline™ which is a peptide of three amino acids, and works to inhibit the synthesis of Progerin, a protein that can contribute to the visible appearance of the signs of aging, I am very excited to try them and am guessing these two new products will make the skin bloom and aid in renewing from the outside in. Definitely to be continued…

From Winter to Spring skin with my personal choice of Hannah products

Hannah Cleansing Oil

I used to prefer milk, but that was before I got introduced last year to the Cleansing Oil. Clean skin is the number one must before anything else. I have written about this Oil many times and I probably will with every Hannah post. The oil is formulated in such a way that it doesn’t leave any residue on your skin what so ever. Just pump a few drop on your dry clean hands, massage gently over your dry face, neck and even décolleté. Splash all with luke warm water and finish with a warm microwave compress. The latter will leave your pores open so your following products can actually penetrate.

Hannah Sparkling Spray

Aloë Vera, Vitamine C and packed with anti-oxidants this spray will leave your skin sparkling. It hydrates your skin, restores and calms it down. The Hannah Sparkling Spray is suitable for skin suffering from acne, the parched skin, the sensitive and the problematic skin. A few sprays and your skin will thank you all day.

Hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling

While this product is new to my own skin regime, I was already introduced several times during my appointments at Hannah Skin Care appointments. Note to all: This product is used directly after your cleansing product. The Enzymatic Skin Peeling is developed for every skintype, including the most sensitive one. It is even mild enough to use around the eyes. This peeling removes dead skincells and leaves the skin soft feeling fresh. It also does miracles for the structure of your skin which includes the pores.

How to use: Apply a thin layer of the Enzymatic Skin Peeling (directly after you’ve cleansed your face) with soft circular motions. You may feel a warm tingeling sensation, but this is a normal reaction! Remove the peeling after a few minutes prefably with a warm microwave cloth. The latter will aid the product to do its work. Redness may occur, especially on the parts where the bloodcirculation is poor. One of the reasons I love this product is because you can actually feel and it work. Afterwards use the Sparkling Spray.

Hannah Opulence Serum

How rich can a serum get? Well I soon found out after using this product for the first time. I did have to get used to using a serum, simply because I am more of a cream kind of person. But that being said, this richness in a bottle does a lot of marvelous things for the skin. It egalizes the skin tone, gives it clearity, and firms.  It is absolutely safe to use around the eyes and please don’t forget your neck, décolleté and hands. Signs of the time especially manifest on your hands. The powerful regenerating serum contains an ingredient called  Wonderlight™ which deeply penetrates into the skin and combats discoloration and pigmentation problems of the skin. Besides fading to the core, the serum gives a powerful boost to the connective tissue. I’ve been using the serum sparingly now for a couple of weeks and it does have a positive effect on my skin. But again if you are not used to serum, it does take some time to get used to it. However on the bright and radiant side; if you are looking for a powerful booster, an effective approach for hyperpigmentation and a solution to combat aging skin then the Opulence Serum is definitely the way to go. A few drops will go a long way. I use this product during my nighttime regime.

Hannah Remodelling Cream

As I mentioned above, I wanted to keep this cream in my regime. Ever since my first Hannah skin Xperience, I’ve been in love with this product. And I stand by what I wrote the very first time; ” This rich beauty actives the blood-circulation which I desperately need and needed. It repairs broken cells, and positively stimulates oxygen through the skin.”  The Remodelling Cream completely absorbs and can be used for so many different skin issues such as; sagging skin, skin burns, scars, rosacea, and even skin suffering from  eczema. As a bonus; The Remodelling is also very suitable to use as a mask. Simply apply it thick on the skin and leave on for fifteen minutes. Massage the left-over cream into your skin and finish by putting a warm heated cloth on your skin.

So for now these are the products I use day and night. And with the change of seasons, my skin coach customized these particular products for me, for my skin needs. My next appointment is in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to hear the measured effects. As the sun is coming out more and more, I will add the High Quality with spf to my regime.

On a personal note; I am not tempted anymore to switch to a different brand, because this brand (for me) does what it promises with every single product. And my skin didn’t even look so healthy and fresh in my twenties. When it works, it works.

All images courtesy of Hannah

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