Hannah: The Twelve Steps Program

I am a recovering skin-care product addict. I used to suffer from the worldwide known see,must-buy/try (usually) short-term fixation which was only enabled when I started writing about the many products within the beauty scene.

I used to be the perfect targeted audience for every single new product. Whether it was a launch during an event, a television or online commercial, or a simple visit to one of the many drugstores. The three printed letters “new” on a package would be enough to pump some adrenaline through my veins and to me it didn’t matter whether those products were eco-friendly or not. If and when the products contained the words “anti-aging”, “glowing”, “radiant”, “fresh”, and “suitable for sensitive skin-types/skin” the jar or bottle usually found its way very quickly to my -once again – newly found day/nighttime regime.

My fascination for beauty and skin-care (as well as high-end fashion) started at a very young age and was probably fed by my own insecurities, high-hygiene standards (yes, I am a little OCD at times….), and the strive for perfection. I always wanted to try something new and be the first with sky-high unrealistic hopes that the purchase or gifted beauty and skin-care product would work. Well, honestly few did, but most didn’t and over the years I managed to bring (repairable) harm to my skin. From break-outs (which I wanted to fix resulting in scars and enlarged pores) to rashes (which I scratched resulting in scars), overly dry (due to wrong type of products) and immensely sensitive skin, because I didn’t caress but basically trashed my skin.

The sad thing however when social media began to grow with the offering of gazillion apps, filters and the endless tutorials (which to me after a while all looked and look the same) the need to pursue that fake ideal became an obsession to me and millions to follow.

But the perfect skin isn’t hiding behind four different camouflage teints, highlighters, shaping techniques, powders, foundations, and three color blushes; the perfect skin is a clean canvas which is nurtured, protected and taken care of with a suitable skin regime. Because no matter the amount of make-up you apply; it doesn’t hide or fix the condition of your skin. Of course online it will with courtesy of apps like Facetune, but at a point you eventually have to leave your filters and own front door.

I’ve have written about skincare more than I can even recall and I have probably tried even more products since high-school, but this past year I’ve learned it’s not easier to hide and ‘dress-up’ all flaws, it’s harder and very time-consuming. And I won’t even get started how many products I used once or twice and threw away or the ones I still keep in my bathroom, because I wasted so money on them that I’m too ashamed to throw them away.

But don’t get me wrong; I LOVE make-up, and am still a big fan of fillers and freezers, but the only difference now is that I took the time to find out what is suitable for my skin, got proper and professional consultation and stuck with the program for the first time in my life.

Insecurities don’t disappear overnight and there are no quick fixes. A filler for instance will fill-up your skin, but it doesn’t change the condition of your skin. Wrinkles can be softened or evened out with a freezer (Botox), but if that area has enlarged pores, break-outs, uneven skin-tone or dry patches it will just be a part of skin without wrinkles, but with the same problems the skin had before.

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

I am not even gonna calculate how much I have spend on skin-care products, how many different brands I mixed and mismatched and I am not going to deny it is hard not to be seduced when a pretty model is the devil’s advocate for something new. But I guess that’s why I am a recovering skin-care product addict. I used to suffer from the worldwide known see,must-buy/try (usually) short-term fixation which was only enabled when I started writing about the many products within the beauty scene.

But I am sticking to my Twelve Steps Hannah Program and have been since June. For the past five months I have underwent several treatments ( which I wrote about ) and stuck to the advised skin-care regime. Besides repairing the damage I did to my skin, I’ve also learned a lot by asking questions during and after the treatments. Asking and getting the proper knowledge on your skin is key. It’s like when going to the dentist your not gonna let him or her just drill a hole or pull a teeth. Well at least I don’t. Five months down the line, I still ask and with the recent change of weather it is also important to know if the products are suitable for the colder season which also applies to products for the body.

One of the reasons I decided to write this piece is because I’ve been shocked via the social media ( especially Instagram ) on what has become the new ‘beauty’ ideal. A nine year old girl making video’s on how to do make-up ending up like a new member of the Kardashian family. Or Sophia Abraham, the seven-year-old daughter of Farrah (Teen Mom OG) who was allowed to wear make-up to school from the age five! Teenagers posting – by the way the same make-up tutorials – scrubbing their faces with those horrible make-up remover towels without any knowledge on what harm in the end it is going to their skin. The world is literally breeding the next self conscious generation.

“The best foundation you can wear is a healthy glowing skin”

Yes, I’ve looked and observed and have been stunned when one is not wearing any make-up people tend to ask if your tired or sick. Piles of make-up is the new norm? I really disagree, because that last statement is how many insecurities are born. And cute or not if it is not Halloween don’t let pre-schoolers and/or grade-schoolers wear make-up or have them post video’s on how to. What kind of message are we as adults sending out? Why not take an example from a post I came across from one of the Miss’ who is in full preparation for Miss Universe posting an image without make-up just glowing well-hydrated skin?

And yes, I do write from experience and admit I never used to leave my house without at least spending an hour on my make-up. But mainly because I was ashamed by the condition of my skin. Nowadays I can still spend an hour on my make-up when going out or to an event, but not because I am hiding and that’s a huge difference. Still working on my camera shyness, but that’s work in process.

Since not everybody is blessed with healthy radiant skin it’s not to say you can’t achieve as I now know everyone can with the right products and knowledge on your own skin (needs). So, I guess if only half the time was invested in how to take care of your skin instead of hours and hours of make-up techniques (from toddlers to pre-teens) the social importance of powdering your way in to fit in would definitely leave more time for kids to grow up in a normal matter of time.

So -as I mentioned above- for the last five months I basically went back in time and stopped making myself crazy with all advertised as better and new starting from scratch. And that’s how I came up with the title of this post The Twelve Steps.

While my Twelve Steps work for my specific skin and needs with a simply call, email or appointment you can easily find out yours.

“Be good to your skin as you will wear it every day for the rest of your life!”

The Twelve Steps Hannah Program

1) Cleansing Oil

How to: Apply a few pumps into your hands and massage on dry face, and neck skin. Then splash your face and neck with luke water before taking all off with a wet warm cloth. This Cleansing Oil will even get rid of the most stubborn (waterproof) make-up and is absolutely safe to use on the eye area.

Cleansing is key!

2) Sensitive Lotion

After the Cleansing Oil this ultra soft and very refreshing lotion is applied by pumping a few sprays on a dry cotton pad just to make sure there is no residue left.. The Sensitive Skin Lotion is also safe to use on your eyes.

3) Sparkling Spray

The Sparkling Spray calmes, hydrate, repair and makes sure all applied after is truly taken in by the skin. The Sparkling Spray contains aloe vera, anti-oxidants, Vitamine C, and mattifies the skin tone. Just spray directly on your skin. I do massage till fully absorbed, but that’s whatever your comfortable with.

4) Cleansing Clay

This rich beauty  mask actives the blood-circulation which I desperately need and needed. It repairs broken cells, and positively stimulates oxygen through the skin. While I am used to richer creams this one actually does absorb and can be used for so many different skin issues such as; sagging skin, skin burns, scars, rosacea, and even skin suffering from eczema. When I use the Cleansing Clay I apply the Sparkling afterwards!

5) 4Youth (daytime)

This product was actually added a few weeks ago to my skin care regime. as I mentioned above; skin changes and especially with different seasons. The 4Youth lifts, fills and makes the skin silky soft. With the relaxing properties those fine lines and wrinkles are getting a targeted approach. It stimulates collagen, and aides in regenerating the skins own capability to bring back that youthful appearance that does get lost as we age

6) Oxys Genes (day or nighttime)

Oxys Genes is an intensive oxygen boost for the skin. It vitalizes, protects, stimulates, and energetically wakes up the skin. The very easily absorbed cream also evens the skin tone and helps repair the structure of the skin.

7) Remodelling Cream (day and night)

I use the Remodelling Cream day and night. This rich beauty actives the blood-circulation, repairs broken cells, and positively stimulates oxygen through the skin. Though very rich in feel, this cream does absorb very quickly. It is also a multitasker as it can and may be used for so many different skin issues such as; sagging skin, skin burns, scars, rosacea, and even skin suffering from  eczema. The Remodelling is also very suitable to use as a mask. Simply apply it thick on the skin and leave on for fifteen minutes. Massage the left-over cream into your skin and finish by putting a warm heated cloth on your skin.

8) High Quality (daytime with spf)

Come rain or shine this is the very first SPF that truly gives justice to its well-deserved given name. The High Quality is a SPF 15 suitable for light to medium skin-tone. Not only does this beauty protect your skin it also calms, re-juvenates, balances out skin that has the tendency to become dry to very dry and firms. With ingredients such as Vitamin A, Macadamia Oil and Aloe Vera as well as Shea Butter your skin is not only properly protected but also taken care of. The convenient pump releases just the right amount and is safe to use around the eye area.

9) Scrub Plus

A truly unique experience to scrub your body Not your face! Apply a generous amount on dry hand and massage in circular motions on your Dry body. Yes, dry! It removes dead skin-cells, promotes the blood circulation(Vitamin B3), hydrates and peels. May be applied all over the body. After the dry skin massage simply step under the shower and rinse off. Red

10) Shower Treatment

As especially during the winter season we wear more clothes our body doesn’t get much pleasure and not so much pampering as during the summer season (oddly enough). The Shower Treatment is a lavish experience on its own (and a great shaving cream for the body by the way). Well hydrated nourished skin is the result after just one use. Though when you first use it you think its an oil, but to call it that would be an insult. This calming shower treatment cleanses even the most sensitive and dry skin without any irritation as the soya bean oil and calendula take care of that typical winter skin problem. With a light fresh scent, the Vitamin C and E make sure the skin is well hydrated. A Shower Treatment for the mind and body.

11) Body Cream (daytime)

I use the Body Cream during the day. Packed with anti-oxidants and Macadamia Oil the rich cream makes sure my body stays nourished and hydrated for the entire day. With its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, you will notice firmer skin that is smooth and the cream easily absorbs. Non-sticky – which I think is a major plus – the Body Cream also contains caffeine which helps fight cellulite.

12) Body Oil (nighttime)

A non-sticky and very easily absorbing oil for the body. The perfect companion on the nightstand to massage and replenish the skin during the night. It naturally protects the skin, calms and protects. It can also be used ( of course daytime ), but I prefer the Body Oil for the night. The well-known Argan Oil is one of its key ingredients, but also Vitamin E and Macadamia Oil. No more dry flakey skin in the morning and with the body trio your skin will be in tip-top shape all year round.

My guess is if we first take care what was given to us the rest will follow naturally.

If you would like to find out more on hannah’s skin-coaches, products, and or treatments please visit hannah.nl,

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Images courtesy of hannah

Instagram Image: ZoeyIvori – Miss Universe Netherlands 2016

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