The Finalists of Miss Nederland 2016

Twelve goal-oriented, beauties with brains are currently getting ready for the finale of Miss Nederland on September 26, 2016. But which one of the twelve eager, pretty and educated contestants will uncrown the current titleholder of Miss Nederland, Jessie Jazz Vuijk (21)

Miss Nederland 2015, Jessie Jazz

Beauties with brains

The ‘good old’ days of just being a pretty girl are long gone. Of course looks are important and especially on stage or image for a first impression, but Miss Nederland stands for so much more than just another pretty face. And as the organization also expresses; they are not searching for the next world-peace contestant (even though in this time and age it would be a magnificent goal). And they are also not looking for girls just contending to live the glamorous life, become the next A-lister or girlfriend of …..  as this is also an unrealistic dream. Miss Nederland needs to strive and live up to so much more.

The next crowned Miss Nederland 2016 should be a role-model for the younger generation and happens to be an individual who is blessed with beauty and brains. She is the sincere girl next door with a warm heart and both feet planted firm on the ground. She isn’t afraid of working hard and intelligence is also a must to fulfill her role as new titleholder. She should also be able to combine business with a positive healthy message.

While the complete package is hard to find this years contestants show a good combination of all of the mentioned above as well as variety-and not just in their appearance-. Each of  the twelve finalists possess an unique quality that got them this far, the finale of Miss Nederland 2016.

Who will be crowned as the next Miss Nederland?

An introduction from (top row) left to right:

Francis (21) studies communication

Sezen (24) works as a social worker

Denise (19) is a teaching assistant and model

Zoey Ivory (23) – Student at Lucia Marthas Institute of Performing Arts and model

Shauny (25)  is an engineer

Kelly (23) studies media information and works at Talpa Producties


Bottom row from left to right:

Tiffany (27) is a Junior trader, blogger and model

Djerra (19) works as a financial / administrative assistant and model

 Jessica (24) is studying hotelmanagement, works as a salesmedewerker and model

Emily (26) A Jazz/musical student and freelance allround performer

Michelle (17) studies fashion and design

Charlotte (19) studies International Business Administration

The winner will represent The Netherlands at the International Miss Universe!


After months of preparations which included a variety of workshops, catwalk training, work-outs, and  media training, the twelve finalists will present themselves during Miss Nederland 2016.

The night will be hosted by Kim Kötter & Viktor Brand. The twelve finalists will be judged by Albert Verlinde, William Rutten, Kristina Bozilovic, Kelly Weekers and Frits Wester.

Performances by Elize, Jake Reese, René van Kooten, Zomaer and ………

A pretty exciting evening filled with entertainment and probably a few tears and I for one am looking forward to all.

Will I see you there?

If you would like to come and see to the finale of Miss Nederland and live at Studio 21 in Hilversum, please click on the following link as a few tickets are still available at >> Ticketpoint.

Images by photographer William Rutten

By Nathalie Edelsztejn – MissFashionNews

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