Sisley Paris presents Instant Correct Primer


A new professional tinted primer from Sisley that forms a perfect layer while preparing the skin for your next step; the application of your make-up. The primer promises to improve the finish touch of your applied foundation with a healthy subtle shine.

A skin perfecting fluid that instantly restores the appearance of the natural skin color and smooths your complexion day after day.

Sisley Paris presents Instant Correct Color Correcting Primer

Instant Correct has a special effect on the complexion as it immediately improves visible and  irregular discoloration. Instant Correct works in two ways; it corrects for a smooth and radiant complexion:

An optical correction:

The Color Correct pearl particles of mica contained in the formula are coated with titanium and blur the shadow zones, smoothing imperfections and helping the skin to regain its clarity and transparency.

A coloring correction:

Due to the Color Correct mother-of-pearl particles, Instant Correct is able to adjust the color of the skin tone, change and improve the appearance of the complexion. The Color Correct subtly plays with the prism of light as they diffuse on the skin an additional color that restores the balance of the skin color and refine the skin.

As a result; the bluish pearlescent particles correct the yellowish complexion, – the pinkish-pearl particles make the gray complexion fresh again, – the golden-colored pearl particles brighten warm up all skin colors.

Instant Correct color correcting primer is available in two colors, designed to modulate the color of the skin and to distribute an additional level of color, equalizing the skin tone.

JUST ROSY clarifies, gives the light skin a healthy appearance and corrects the pale complexion.

JUST LAVENDER neutralizes the yellowish undertone, ensures transparency and a porcelain finish.

In order to create perfect skin, Instant Correct plays with a “soft focus” effect. Imperfections are corrected: – a “soft focus” active ingredient optimizes the diffusion of light and smooths the skin structure, – a concealing gel based on hectorite forms a homogeneous and smoothing layer on the skin imperfections of the skin visibly minimizes, – a “soft focus” powder visually reduces the pores and makes the skin velvety soft. A fixing polymer completes the formula and ensures that the foundation stays perfectly and is resistant to moisture for a professional make-up.

Sisley Paris’ Instant Correct is formulated to create a smooth and radiant complexion, day after day.

Because a pale/dull-looking skin and/or discoloration are mainly caused by free radicals and pollution, Instant Correct is enriched with a protective and anti-radical active ingredient: – the extract of the physalis plant provides good hydration of the skin and forms a barrier against external influences. Day after day, a cocktail of nurturing ingredients boosts the leveling and radiant effect on the skin: – the extract of lemon, with smoothing and tonefying properties, promotes a slight clarification of the complexion and provides even more shine, – the extract of iris, has moisturizing and soothing properties.

How to:

Apply your color choice of Sisley’s Instant Correct with your fingers over the entire face or with a make-up brush before the make-up, before applying foundation.

The Instant Correct Color Correcting Primer contains 30ml priced at €68,50.

Images courtesy of Sisley Paris

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