Show your PRIDE with Weekday


Love with Pride!

Swedish retailer Weekday celebrates Pride Month by taking inspiration from the life and work of Gilbert Baker (1944–2017), the American artist, gay rights activist and designer of the Rainbow Flag. The flag, which was designed in 1978, is today a symbol of gay pride and widely associated with LGBT rights causes.

The original eight colors in the flag are meant to reflect the diversity of the LGBT community and is comprised of eight symbolic colors: hot pink (sex), red (life) orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), turquoise (magic/art), indigo (harmony) and violet (spirit).

The limited-edition rainbow colored collection consists of organic unisex t-shirts.

“Celebrating love in all its forms, there are eight symbolic t-shirt colors with the corresponding Pride word printed on the chest. Wear with Pride…”

Images courtesy of Weekday

The special limited edition Pride t-shirts by Weekday will be available from next week on.

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