Niche perfume; Santal du Pacifique


A deluxe box filled with ten niche perfumes by Perris Monte Carlo was sent to me. And even  though I didn’t attend their recent lavish event, where the luxury group launched two new exclusive perfumes for 2017/2018, I was very intrigued as I had never tried or tested one of their opulent scents before. From the ten eau de perfumes, I started with Santal du Pacifique from the Black Collection.

Santal du Pacifique

Found within the Pacific Islands the Santal du Pacifique was composed to take you on an adventure to uncharted territories. The intense base has the capacity to harmonize different compositions. With the Sandalwood popularity arising, it is now seen as close to extinction and is now protected in India. It is nearly impossible to find natural Sandalwood essence, one can only find minor essential oils.

Santal du Pacifique is an alluring blend with a hypnotic and mysterious scent story. The warm, wood, velvety and creamy aspects of the aroma round into a warmth sensation complimented by floral aspects exalt the mysterious, sweet and heady side.

The top note is Carrot slowly transformed into a heart of Cream, Orchid, Violet, and Gurjum Balsam. Its base is composed with Pacific Sandalwood, Fry Woods, and Musk

A nice added note:

Perris Monte Carlo’s sandalwood is sourced with giving back to the environment. For every sandalwood cut, another 50 is planted.

Santal du Pacifique 

A genderless eau de parfum created by Mathieu Nardin. Nardin has created at least six of Perris Monte Carlo’s perfumes. When I spray the eau de perfume on my skin a soft and creamy sensation lifts my morning spirits. As I let it dry down it quickly reveals the more musky composition. Though still very pleasant, on my fair female skin, the wood and warm spices sense that they probably are better suited on a more exotic skin, a brunette perhaps. But each perfume is personal in ones preference and develops different on every single skin. Even though all of Perris Monte Carlo’s perfumes are genderless, as a gift I would definitely recommend this particular scent for a men who is ambitious, confident with a strong character and impeccable style of dressing. Like actor Gabriel Macht ( Harvey Specter ) from Suits.

Perris Monte Carlo is exclusively sold around the world. To find a retailer near you please use their store locator by clicking here

Images courtesy of Perris Monte Carlo

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