New Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair

Aveda launches Damage Remedy Split End Repair.

The brand new developed product which is slated to launch on September the 25th was already spotted backstage during NYFW SS17. Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global Creative Director said the Damage Remedy Split End Repair helped to tame fly-aways while adding polish to the hair.

It gives health and integrity to the hair; it’s perfect for the modern girl on the go.

The desire for silky soft and touchable hair has always been high on a women’s wish-list and especially one those who have unruly, curly or (over)dyed hair. The new product by Aveda has been developed to finally say goodbye to split-ends and tame those annoying fly-aways.


Three out of ten women (worldwide ) consider split-ends to be their biggest hair concern. And let’s face it; weak and vulnerable hair which is mainly caused by over-processed and continuously heated styled hair isn’t really attractive and more difficult to work with.

Damage Remedy Split End Repair is meant to instantly repair and make the hair silky soft. It also helps in reducing the time to style your hair.

Damage remedy split end repair by Aveda

Seal the Deal

While traditionally the quickest way to get rid of split (dead ) ends is to visit your hair stylist and just cut your hair, but who really wants that? I know I don’t!

The new Damage Remedy Split End Repair instantly draws and binds separated ends back together, while helping to smooth and seal hair fibers. Damage Remedy Split End Repair also prevents new split ends from forming, with repair lasting through the next wash. Nangai Oil, sourced from nuts that fall from nangai tress on tropical island Malekula in the South Pacific, envelops the surface of each split end helping to draw wayward strands back together.

Just as you use an anti-aging creme on your skin, the same preventative tactic will keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful,” says Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Textured Hair. “Very few of us have what I like to call ‘wash-and-wear-hair’ so heat styling has become very popular. And we all know what too much of a good thing can do, right?With Damage Remedy Split End Repair you can help prevent split ends before they happen.

Aveda’s purchase of nangai oil for split end repair reflects their mission of caring for the Earth and those who call it Home. It gives Melip and Mbonvor villagers on Malekula island who gather the nangai nuts an additional source of income and Aveda also funds water projects for them.

The uplifting Damage Remedy aroma includes certified organic bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang essential oils.

*Damage Remedy Split End Repair is available starting September 25, 2016 for $32 – €32 for 30ml / 1 fl. oz. in all Aveda salons, spas and stores and online at and

*I haven’t tried/tested the Damage Remedy Split End Repair yet, so I can’t say if it really works. But I am very curious to see the results on my over-processed hair. So, I guess for now to be continued.

Images courtesy of Aveda

By Nathalie Edelsztejn – MissFashionNews

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