MissFashionNews travels Bali, Amed #1

It’s our last morning in Seminyak and we are mentally preparing for our roadtrip to the more serene Amed. Amed is located on the East coast of Bali and according to our Blue Bird Taxi driver it will take about three hours to get there. The change of Seminyak’s busy ‘city’ scenery to the coastline, fields of green, and mountains is one straight out of a brochure. But three hours is still a long time to spend on a small very bumpy road. We didn’t stop as we wanted to save the typical touristic stops for the days to come.




Driving into Amed seeing Jemeluk Bay – on our list for a day of snorkeling -, the very impressive Mount Agung, but also the chickens and roosters captured in bamboo baskets on the very dirty and narrow road gave me mixed feelings. The piles of trash just laying there, the smell, and scooter traffic driving like they were trying to qualify for the next Formula 1 was such a contrast and such a shame. In the days to come I simply couldn’t comprehend why people are so careless and reckless when it comes to the environment, their environment, our environment.


Apa Kabar Villas

Upon our arrival we were greeted before we even got out of the cab. As we wanted to stretch our legs after the long drive, the receptionist kept insisting we had to fill out the paperwork first. A bit uncomfortable, but we figured we had time enough afterwards to do out own thing. Within 10 minutes we were lead to our villa after all was explained and if we needed anything the reception would be open 24/7.

Buddha’s paved the way along the other villa’s, medium-size pool and outside bar to our villa. Via a couple of steps we reached our porched and the big glass door and we were delighted to see all looked exactly as pictured at first sight. Our room was big with our bed in the middle of the room, but unfortunately the closet space was very limited. The bathroom with toilet and sink was like any other ordinary hotel, but one of the reasons we booked this location was the view and outside shower. The latter turned out to be our biggest mistake, but I’ll get back to that.


Apa Kabar Villa

Apa Kabar Villa View

Outside at Apa Kabar Villa


We freshened up, walked around and sat down in the outside bar area for lunch. From the very limited menu I ordered the fried springrolls, again. Since I figured anything fried would be the safest way for my stomach to go.


The supposedly alluring beach – as described when we booked – located a few steps from the property turned out to be one ‘reserved’ for fishing boats, rocks, and trash washing up on the shore. But thankfully we had the pool and enough time to search for another beach in the area where we could swim and snorkel.



After our late lunch we decided to go back to the main road and walk back towards Jemeluk Bay to the part called Sunset Point to watch the sunset. At Sunset Point there is a little area where you can sit and take in the magnificent surrounding. There is also a small cafe/restaurant where you can order small bites and beer. What we saw was beautiful as you can see in the video below.

(Click on full screen at the bottom left of the video for optimal visual)

The walk back however wasn’t so lovely. The pitch black dirt road full with loose large rocks, and holes made our walk back to Apa Kabar Villas one straight out of a scary horror movie. The stench from the trash and animals alongside the road, the crawling and flying bugs, scooters and cars simply not paying any attention to whether people were walking really made me regret we didn’t get a cab. With the tiny flashlight on my phone we made it back. But upon arrival we had several different surprises waiting for us.

To be continued……

All images and video made by me with the TomTom Bandit Action Camera

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