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I heard many different stories about Seminyak and while the only reason we chose this part of Bali to start our journey was mainly location wise, I did wonder if it was so touristic as many told me (even though I had nothing to compare it with, yet).

Our first morning actually didn’t start till noon as we didn’t wake up till midday due to our jetlag. Having missed breakfast, we decided to walk to Starbucks for a decent double espresso, but it turned out to be a hell of a walk in the burning sun and with a humidity worse than my years in Miami. Sweaty and tired we arrived at the famous coffee-chain. We ordered a dopio (30.000 Rupiah), a frappuchino (53.000 Rupiah), a tea (20.000 Rupiah) and two croissants (14.000 Rupiah each). After about an hour we started our walk back to the hotel. Crossing the streets turned out be a bit challenging as literally nobody gives way. Loose bricks passing for the main street pavement and dozens of men just sitting on the side yelling “Miss” and “taxi”. The latter by the way turned out to be one of the constant aggravating factors for the duration of our Bali trip.

Starbucks Seminyak

Starbucks Dopio

Back at Hotel Horison we just decided to take it easy and go to the pool. Horison actually has two pools; one at the main entrance where everybody can see you (checking in and out) and on the rooftop. We just stayed on the rooftop till the sun went down treating ourselves to some cocktails and fried spring rolls.



For dinner on our second night we found this really cute place (in one of the side-streets near our hotel) called Warung Asia, a Thai restaurant.  The restaurant is actually located on the second floor and can only be reached by the outside curving stairs. We ordered a bottle of Hatten wine (260.000 Rupiah!), the Chicken Satay (55.000 Rupiah), and the Phad Thai (52.000 Rupiah). To be honest the charm of this Warung is the location and the wooden interior. If you are not in a hurry, don’t have a curfew or have to catch a plane then this is the place for you. The food was okay, but just that. With the service and government tax we paid a total of 422,050 Rupiah. (Yes, I know… the wine, the wine….)

Warung Asia


Dinner Warung Aasia

Back in our room which all of the sudden had a funny smell (especially the pillows) we decided to set the alarm to not miss breakfast again. As the smell got so bad, I actually covered my pillow with a t-shirt which in the end I left behind (not the stuffed animal, I take her everywhere ).


The next morning (our last day in Seminyak) we went down for breakfast which was a typical mix of Indonesian food mixed with some Western traditional. Since I am not a morning person and need a double espresso before I can even start to think about food (or anything for that matter), the breakfast as well as their double something they called ‘espresso’ was simply not for me.

Coffee at Horison

While the view was nice as it overlooked the pool, I started looking on Tripadvisor to locate a good rated coffee place. I found one which was a few minutes from our hotel. The ratings on Tripadvisor were more than deserving and if in Seminyak do visit Black Pit Coffee! Besides the fact that they were so friendly and every single drop of my double espresso was carefully selected and even made by two people, I have to admit it was the best double espresso I’ve had in a long time.

Black Pit Coffee

Black Pit mural


The afternoon was spend just strolling through the streets until we ended up on the very busy beach. We sat down at Capil Beach which is a bar-grill, ordered two beers (not my favorite drink) and watched the sunset. Since it was so packed, and not that cheap (80.000 Rupiah for two Bintangs) we made our way back to Kukus Bali for dinner. An easy decision as the food on our first night was so good.




Kukus Bali Sign

My Seminyak conclusion;

Yes, it is very touristic though perfect if you don’t want to travel any further after such a long flight. It came to my understanding that Seminyak is much quieter than Kuta, so as a first stop I do recommend. Hotel Horison has a pretty entrance, and for a very short stay it is okay just as long as you don’t ask too many questions and don’t mind smelly pillows. The extra charging for just simple things (as I described in previous post doesn’t help my rating either).

As far as dining; I am sure there are more restaurants as good as Kukus Bali, but in overall on the streets everything is very touristic minded. And the beach….well it was nice to see the sunset and you will certainly never feel alone.

All images are made by me with the TomTom Bandit Action Camera.

Our next stop: Amed

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