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Just a few hours ago the 92 Miss Universe contestants were called on stage to show their chosen National Costume. Hosted by Nick Teplitz and Nia Sanchez at Planet Hollywood resort and casino, Las Vegas. Each Miss showed her costume representing her country. Fun fact; the first National Costume round dates back to 1962.

With so many original, unusual, and beautiful costumes, I picked a few to describe and highlight below.

 Miss Angola (Lauriela Martins) was inspired by history, she wore a costume made with colorful feathers with many 17th century Queen as well as colors worn by the women in the Southern part of her nation.

Miss Aruba ( Alina Mansur ) wore a costume inspired by the 19th century gold mines. The hand-sown sequined galore flag attached to the back of her costume opened up and unveiled the almost see-through pink sequined bodysuit underneath.

Miss Bahamas ( Yasmine Cooke ) wore a costume with wings representing the decorative shelves. Her strapless corset was beaded with rows of white pearls.

Miss Belgium ( Liesbeth Claus ) took her national costume to a whole new level. Her full sequined bodysuit represented both sides and was made in her countries national colors and icon. Though sure this costume took many hours to make, it was a bit much. The only part that wasn’t covered with sequins was her beautiful face.

Miss Cambodia ( By Sotheary ) costume was made with the finest silk usually only used for very special occasions such as weddings and formal events. The gold crown is usually only worn by dancers when they perform.

Miss Canada ( Lauren Howe ) can only be described as a giant glistening snowflake. Made from snow-white feathers, silver sequins and lights, the Queen of ice costume was inspired by the Canadian winters and the mountain tops of the Rocky’s. Well, one thing is for sure is she would ever get lost, she would be found pretty quick.

Miss China ( Roxette Qui ) wore a large red fan with long red tassels dangling down. The fan was attached to the back of her very sexy red corset. This costume was designed by a lingerie designer. Inspired by paper-cut techniques.

Miss Ecuador ( Daniela Cepeda ) wore a costume weighing 28 pounds! Representing the continental regions that make up her nation. Her full sequined bodysuit stands for the coast, the mountains, the East and the Galapagos Islands. Her full peacock feather headpiece, embellished with sequins was nothing short of grand.

Miss El Salvador ( Alisson Abarca ) peddled her way to and on the stage as a tiny boat was attached to her. Inspired by a love story between a warrior and river goddess. Unfortunately because of the hand-made boat, Alisson had a hard time rowing her way onto the actual runway. Though original costume wise, she struggled though with a smile.

Miss France ( Alicia Aylies ) looked stunning in her design by Couture house On Aura Tout Vu. Details on this costume click here

Miss Germany ( Sophia Koch ) was dressed like snow-white with a crystallized choker covering her neck. The red big bow worn in her hair made her 19th century German fairy-tale costume complete.

Miss Great Britain ( Anna Burdy ) honored the great Queen Elisabeth the first. The costume inspired by the Monarch was a great combination of glamour and tradition combined. With her knee-high golden boots and tiny golden crown on her head, Anna’s costume from the embellished corset to the red velvet cape was a beautiful classic for the eyes.

Miss Guyana ( Rafieya Hubain ) wore a golden beaded that cascaded into feathers costume which was so large ( and probably heavy ) it took 5 people to pack for transit to Las Vegas. It represents the largest single drop waterfall which is known as the jewel of Guyana. A shame that Rafieya did not walk down the runway.

Miss Iceland ( Arna Yr Jonsdottir ) channeled the strong Viking women. Her skimpy costume was made from faux fish skin, black feather and a battery powered ax that lit up.

Miss Ireland ( Cailin Aine Ni Toibin ) wore a costume inspired by her small country, but very mighty. Cailin described it as a modern day super hero. With her laced up black with golden details boots and green corset with golden leaves, she did look the part.

Miss Israel ( Adar Gandelsman ) also chose a super hero as her costume. The Wonder Woman costume in sequined cobalt blue with a hand-held shield showing the star of David. The star of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie is actually Miss Israel 2004.

Miss Japan ( Momoko Abe ) came on stage as a feisty ninja warrior, but the costume had more than met the eye as she transformed her costume into a beautiful classic kimono.The two in one were both very well made and very original.

Miss Malaysia ( Samantha James ) came as their famous dish. Large banana leaves as her back piece. An embellished fork and spoon held in her hands. A fried egg embroidered on her waist of the dress that represented the rice.

Miss Myanmar ( Zun Thansin ) came on stage behind an ornamented traditional theatre stand. By far the biggest and largest costume, the stand featured gongs and drums. Very impressive!

Miss Netherlands ( Nicky Opheij ) wore a costume made by Dutch designer Jan Boelo. The golden leather button down fitted blouse and tight pants incorporated elements from the Dutch countries flag which features three lions. She also wore custom-made ornaments on her fingers made from gold.

Miss Peru ( Prissila Howard ) wore a costume inspired by a warrior’s son, the son was the God of the Inca’s. Completely decked out in gold with detailed Peruvian symbols, she looked like a golden goddess.

Miss Saint Lucia ( Louise Victor ) wore a completely sequined adorned bodysuit representing the rare species, the whip tail lizard. The costume was made to gain awareness as due to climate change, the whip tail is an endangered species.

Miss Spain ( Sofia del Prado ) wore a costume that took several designers and months and months of work to complete. Inspired by the famous Salvador Dali, the countless sequined details seen on her back piece all referred to the famous painter. The black silver sequined tail coat and top hat completed the costume in a fun classic way.

┬áMiss USA ( Kara McCullough) was dressed as She Woman. The costume represents powerful woman who want to change the world. Well…..maybe they could start in the White House?

Many bird inspired costumes, carnival costumes, but also a few simple looking dresses graced the Miss Universe runway. While some looked a bit over the sequined top, but stood out from the crowd, others radiated with their smile and seemingly more toned down costumes. With just one more day to vote and less then 10 hours to go, I am curious who will be crowned Miss Universe 2018.

Images: Instagram and Miss Universe

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