MBFWA SS18: Hacked by_


Designers duo van Slobbe and van Benthum kick off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam with their collection called:


It all starts with an idea, a concept, and/or inspiration for a designers new collection, but van Slobbe and van Benthum have chosen an important desire of much needed change within the fashion-industry that starts with a line-up that has a message, their message for SS18.

HACKED by _ is a collaboration-project between Dutch fashion designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum. The project represents a response the growing power of the so-called fast fashion chains. These chains created a fashion system, in which the speed of production, distribution, sales, and consumption is the main objective.

HACKED by _ questions and challenges their strategy that not only has reduced the position of the independent designer to that of an unpaid vendor of ideas, but it also discards raw materials, resources, labor and the value awareness of the consumer. With the hacked by van Slobbe and van Benthum label, the designers are introducing a new approach on designing and creating a collection. The duo designers are actually reversing the roles. While the chains are prospering by shamelessly plundering the collections of independent designers, this time it is the designers who have infiltrated the production systems of the chains.

Van Slobbe and Van Benthum obtained the leftovers the fashion industry usually leaves behind at its production sites. These garments, fabrics, parts of bags and shoes became their point of departure. By manually adding new layers to this ‘prefab’ basis, their pieces regain the signature of the designer. Moreover, this signature results in a coherent collection for men and women that is able to achieve a price level with which the chains have been excluding their competition from the market. The mighty system has been hacked.

In this way, the duo aims to provide a radical alternative to the growing range of the fast-fashion chains. And through its multifaceted agenda, this initiative offers a fertile base to discuss topics such as overproduction, copyright, waste, up-cycling and the actual significance of clothing.

With that being said; the ready to wear menswear and women’s wear collection for SS18 isn’t just about the duo’s desire to change the industry, but also adds a hinting manor towards the fashion week, a hint to transform the fashion podia as the old-fashion fashionable rules also need to step up and enter the future with their offerings and design.

A celebrating breakthrough catwalk show combined with the recognition that the fashion system clearly isn’t working anymore, van Slobbe and van Benthum showed an affordable collection for all parties involved. Hacked by_ concentrated on presenting pieces with their sense of fashion reality from the making process to the people that will actual wear their collection. As they translate their passionate wish for todays world, the collection shown on the Dutch runway did indeed breath easiness, but the question remains will these shown pieces be enough – in their design – to actually pave a new and more constructive fashion way?


Images courtesy of Van Slobbe and Van Benthum by photographer Peter Stigter

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