The 90’s, 00’s & Ibiza, LÉO SS18


LÉO’s SS18 collection embodies the atmosphere of a tacky holiday destination in memory of the Ibiza club scene and Goa trance music of the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

Searching again for a clash between high luxury versus urban underground and evening wear versus comfort wear, LÉO’s SS18 collection tells the story of a girl walking back to her hotelroom from a beach-party and getting lost in the city.

The ‘LÉO’ jacquard knit, towel inspired terrycloth and soft rib jersey play upon hotel-wear and explain the comfort side of this collection, while luxurious silks and flower chiffons define the elegant evening side. Particular beach elements like sarongs are bonded and transformed into structured garments like a costume ensemble and a shirt.

The color palette embodies the energy of a late night party on holiday and runs from sandy off-white, burning browns and soft pinks to sun bright orange and red with touches of glow in the dark, to finally be balanced out with black and white. Flashy accessories like colorful PVC belts complete the collection by adding a hint of Goa.

Let’s get this beach party started….

Images courtesy of LÉO

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