Bikini Waxes for Girls under 10

Some not even out of their diapers, but the shocking new trend is making waves. Mani’s pedi’s, celebrity blow-outs, chemical treatments and yes even bikini waxes are on the kids spa menu.

A 1 year old getting a manicure, a 10 year old a bikini wax, an 8 year old throwing a tantrum that her curls are too curly and apparently that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Dry Bar is NYC offers a Shirley Temple blow-out for kids under the age of 10 for $24

Ouidad with salons in Manhattan and Santa Monica have 6 year olds coming in for chemical treatments to relax their tight curls. 20% of their clientele is under the age of 12!

Beehives and Buzzcuts organizes Salon/Spa Soiree’, BFF spa day packages with a full beauty menu.

Simon Says in Skokie Ill. opened a special kids spa inside Marshall Fields and Simon says business is booming.

Sothys NYC will pluck your 11 year old ‘bushy’ eyebrows and have girls even younger pamper their faces with coconut/lemon facials. By the way, the facials are seasonal.

In Brooklyn NY there’s a kiddies spa called Dimples! How incredibly appropriate…From chocolate facials to nail art, flat iron and baby manicures.

What ever happened to playing dress-up? When I was eight I had Barbie nail-polish ( granted I did get upset when I found out the polish was not water resistance ). But seriously what kind of message are we sending out to kids under the age of 12? When I wrote about the disturbing kids lingerie collection Jours Après Lunes in August I kind of had an idea what sort of comments to expect, but who knew you can get a bikini wax for that exact same age group too? Unsettling images as I watched the kids spa segment on ABC’s GMA. Is this the future for our kids? Spending saturdays at the spa instead of the playground? A longer wait to get my own manicure, because there are a bunch of 6 year olds in front of me? Am I the only one who finds this new booming ‘trend’ disturbing? Although I am all for a fantastic haircut no matter what age, the whole bikini wax and chemical treatment thing for girls is beyond my comprehension.

Images courtesy of Dry Bar, Beehives and Buzzcuts, Dimples

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