Jours Après Lunes, Lingerie for kids!

Remember ‘back in the day’ when 10 year old Vogue model, Thylane Blondeau was the talk of the town or the time when we freaked reading about 8 year old beauty-pageant contester Britney Campbell and her wacky mom injecting her with Botox? Peanuts people, PeaNuts!
Let’s take it a step further, far and beyond an innocent and sane persons mind. Crossing a line, creating and aiming for a market that basically shouldn’t even exist in the first place…
Jours Après Lunes launches lingerie for girls age 4 – 12 and a ‘loungerie’ line for babies 3 months up to 36 months!
From the very ‘creative’ brain of stylist, Sophie Morin a ‘disturbing’ line has been born. Sophie who’s been working in the lingerie industry for 15 years has created her own lingerie line, the first ever just for babies and kids. Sorry I should say “loungerie”, since that’s the term Sophie uses. It’s lingerie/loungewear! Proudly presenting the new line as the first designer brand designing “loungerie” for infants and girls so they can look like their mom, while using the words such as ” silky smooth and second skin” and even “respectful” in her introduction on her website.
Age-inappropriate ‘styled’ innocent girls.
Silk triangle bra and undies with rhinestones
Seriously which stylist would make these young innocent girls look like there ready to, well let’s keep it appropiate…with pearl necklaces and Amy Winehouse do’s.
Or should I ask who are these parents letting their precious kids pose like this?? And yes, I chose not to use some of the other look book pics…
Why do the young ones look like they should be over 16 and the ‘older’ ones look like they’re between 4 and 8 holding a teddy-bear?
Waiting and holding a feather for?
*Bare in mind, I love fashion, new creative ideas and even though some might not be entirely my cup of tea, I have always respected designers and his or her work. This ‘line’ however and its presentation literally made my skin crawl.
So I guess the question is: What’s your opinion? Do you think this is ok? Or has this designer stepped over a huge line? Should this be banned? Should she be sued and what about the parents?
Images: Jours Après Lunes

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17 Responses to “Jours Après Lunes, Lingerie for kids!”

    Sugarsweet Says:

    This is horrific
    As mom of 2 girls, 10 & 11 yrs old I would feel as if I disgrace them putting this on!
    Let little girls, stay girls. Not mini-moms
    Let them remain their innocence instead of sexualizing them
    It makes me sick

    Sue Scarcella Says:

    Lingerie for children is NOT ON. It sexualises children, and the adult poses these children are laced in further sexualises them. As I wrote to Vogue not long ago, I am sure that every pedophile online has copies of these photos, but is that the market the label is seeking to attract? Let children be children, and for that matter, stop the slutification of adult women in fashion magazines. In the 60s and 70s, women fought to be recognised and be given dignity. Now it has all turned backwards, and women are being portrayed in poses that were the realm of pornography in the not so distant past.

    Charles Says:

    Legalised paedophilia.

    Larsami1 Says:

    Times are tough for businesses and I’m all for free enterprize and trying to increase sales, but this is going overboard. Why the hell would kids need to be wearing these clothes? I can’t see a little girl saying mommy I want that Jours bra for Christmas.

    Anonymous Says:

    this is a pedophiles gold mine, what sick asshole thinks this is a good idea

    Ammi Says:

    I am a mom and totally grossed out. Who knows who is looking at that website and catalog…. Who would buy this and for what reason? What happened to dress up like a princess.. Not a stripper

    sylvia Says:

    I think its very tasteful and expressive of beauty. there are to many filthy minded people, any time a teen or pre-teen puts on anything pretty … swimwear or cute sleeping clothing. its a part of life, something to have fun with and celebrate with your daughter .. i would definatly buy some of these cute things.. providing the price was inline with my budget… 50 years ago women couldn’t even wear swimwear to the beach …. it was the same stupid minded people that try to put a dirty twist on everything.. shame on everyone who posted that trash below.

    Liz Says:

    Hey Sylvia……
    I can’t believe you agree to this sort of thing is right. This is a pedophiles dream come true…..Shame on you… This is wrong on so many levels. Disgusting, Distasteful child exploitation. Shame on the parents of these little girls.

    john Says:

    let’s get real for one second ,
    the Western Country with the most incest the USA
    the country with the most teenage pregnancy the USA
    the Country with the most child abuse , the USA
    the part of the USA with most teenager prenancy , incest rape , divorce , the Bible belt .
    Taken straight from the crime data base published by the FBI .
    one of the Country with the lowest of the above “France” somewhere we are not doing something right , but all these clothes will mostly be bought by American to [parade their children in beauty pageant .

    Callie Says:

    I’m 13 and even I think this is wrong! This is like a jackpot for some pediphile! And to Sylvia, buying bras IS something to celebrate with your daughter, when she can actually fill it!!!!! They can wear this stuff later on.
    I have to say the pink bottoms look a tad grannyish. Blinged out granny pannies. Awk :/

    someone Says:

    To moms, don’t worry about the looks. Childrens will never be a match compare you. I do not see any foul idea in the matter. Fashion is booming weather you want to or not. I support my girls in clothes what they like. Also know they have choices to make like us grownup too. Just dont buy if you do not support it, those of you that do, great. Let them explore with you not behind you!

    sarah Says:

    To Sylvia and everyone else that thinks this is ok i ask that you watch a documentary called Killing Us Softly. It’s all about this kind of thing and the media you will really like it. To be honest this made me sad. ita just so heart breaking to see what the world has come to. i dont think this kind of thing along with some of the crap in the media should be aloud. this is brian washing little kids. people say this is about the parents and some of it is but if sick perants cant buy this sick crap then there is a better chance their kids wont grow up thinging its ok to sell yuor body for money.

    It a matter you see it Says:

    I see nothing wrong here people! Kids are exploring, might as well let them explore with you than behind you. I support this 100% and have always supported my dauthers to wear what they feel like. They know the limit. So do you, I’m for it and if you are not….don’t buy at all. Cause I will!

    lingerie Says:


    Jours Après Lunes, lingerie for kids!…

    Anonymous Says:

    This is child porn.

    Liz Says:

    To me, it’s not so much a problem with the products– most of the stuff isn’t any worse than bathing suits that little girls run around outside in. It’s the PRESENTATION of the clothing that is disturbing. It is NOT being presented as little girls playing dress up or wearing comfy underwear. Instead, based upon the amount of make-up, fluffy big hairstyles, and expressions these girls are wearing, they’re being made to look more like young adults than young children. However, I’d hardly say this is a problem solely with the French… some of these “beauty pagents” for young girls have gotten out of control, also, going from a time when the kids wore big princess-like dresses, to now wearing halter tops, insanely short mini skirts and knee high boots, not to mention hair extensions and fake teeth and more make-up than most adults go through in a month, calling it “beauty”. It a disturbing trend, indeed.

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