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The memory of summer night sunsets leave their trail behind, hues of orange against the icey blue Scandinavian skies. A memory of warmth as the autumn leaves are comfortably cushioning their pattern on the streets. The wind chills, nature’s way of preparing,  the winter season is about to settle in.

Centuries of clean simplicity, new techniques inspired by architectural designs. The region most known for its beautiful midsummer night, the enchanting fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen and fierce warriors, the Vikings that conquered and helped shape the modern world, inspired Dutch lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers when she visited the Northern part of the world. History lives on, almost tangible on the streets.

 “Cool Scandinavia” by Marlies Dekkers Fall Winter 2012

 Fall 2012

5 collections with prices ranging from €65 to €289 launching in August

“Oseberg Queen”

A collection inspired by the Norwegian 9th century Viking Queen showing a black jacquard zig zag stripe with matte or shiny faux leather. Fringed trims and gold buckle details.

The wide range of padded bra’ include a balcony, plunge, plunge balcony corsets and a push up style. The collection also features suspender belts, briefs, things,briefs and shorts.

“Denim Sami”

An homage to the traditional dress of the Sami’, nomads from the Arctic region Sweden, Norway, Finland and parts of Russia. A ‘folkloric’ pattern on the ‘denim’ collection. Blue and red woven straps, decorated with faux suede details, the soft denim toned microfiber shows stitches of red and green microfiber inserts.

2 different bra styles: an unpadded balcony and a padded push up. The corset in this collection is a padded push up. Bottom styles: a brazilian short, a brief and a thong. A knee length kimono sleeved stonewashed denim jersey dress is also part of this collection.

“Midsummer Birch”

Warm colored wood, fire burning watching the orange glow as it burns through the night. A range created with the longing of spring and summer in mind. The collection shows a subtle wood grain, accentuated with inserts of mesh, decorated with yellow flock triangles.

3 different bra styles: a padded balcony, an unpadded plunge balcony and a semi padded plunge balcony. The body in this collection is an unpadded unwired triangle. Bottom styles include a thong, a brief and a tanga.


Marlies was inspired by Swedish architect Sven Markellus. The lavender / grey collection shows a geometric jacquard design with silver metal details, a different take on Sven’ triangles seen in his world-famous Pythagoras textile design.

3 different bra styles: a padded push-up, a padded plunge and a unpadded plunge balcony. Bottom styles include: a butterfly shorts and a thong. A padded plunge balcony corset and a knitted vest and cardigan with silver lurex completes this sweet collection.

“Eternal Sunshine”

The joy of the short lived but much enjoyed Scandinavian summers, a burst of the vibrant sunshine. Orange fading to the palest apricot accentuated by the trims of tonal flat appliqué.

3 different bra styles: a padded plunge, a plunge balcony longline and a padded pluch balcony longline. Bottom styles include: a thong and a cheeky brief. This collection also features a special designed stretch dress, a tailored jacket and cotton knitted stockings.

Winter 2012

4 collections with prices ranging from €65 to €289 launching in October


Getting into the Christmas spirit with a traditional Scandinavian snowflake patterned design. Off-white and bordeaux with stitched embroidery braids and tie bows.

4 different bra styles: a padded balcony, unpadded plunge, padded triangle and a padded push up. Bottom styles include a thong, Brazilian short and thong. The collection also features an unpadded triangle body and sexy suspender belt.


Icicles sparkling, shimmering in the winter sun. This very exclusive collection will only be available for a limited time. A very small quantity will be produced since every single design is made from custom made lace (including the icicle and pinecone patterns). The collection will launch in October and will run through November. The “Icicle” collection will be sold in Marlies Dekker’ flagship and several concept stores as well as specialty retailers Harrods London and the Parisian Printemps.

4 bra styles: a padded balcony, 2 unpadded plunge and a padded plunge. Bottoms include a brief, hipster, butterfly shorts and thong. For this special edition Marlies also designed a padded plunge corset and padded plunge balcony longline bra. A delicate white lace dress just above the knee with cap sleeves finishes the look for a special Christmas evening.


“The girl with the dragon tattoo”, heroine Lisbeth Salander from Swedish writer Stieg Larson inspired Marlies for this darker collection. The black glossy microfiber pieces show pewter toned detailed decorations with visible seamed lines.

3 different bra styles: a padded balcony bra, an unpadded plunge balcony and a padded push up. Bottom styles include: a thong, brief and Brazilian shorts. The suspender belt from this collection is a wrap-front, Marlies also designed a fitted seamed push up top and a fitted cotton/linen deep v neck dress to complete the darker look for the “Lisbeth” collection.

“Ice Queen”

The ice cold winter queen celebrates in utmost glamorous style. Pieces inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’ snow queen adorned with Swarovski snowflake crystals against the silver lurex icy blue. Details of metallic silver braids and fringed trims, a graduated stripe from deep crystal blue to silver grey adding a touch of frost on this true winter scenery lingerie.

4 different bra styles:  2 padded balcony’, a padded push up and unpadded plunge balcony. Bottom styles include a brief and 2 thongs. This collection also features a padded plunge balcony slip with suspender straps.

For the cold winter evenings, Marlies designed a wool blend with silver lurex knitted cardigan with belt.

Images courtesy of Marlies Dekkers

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