Casting Day Miss Netherlands 2017

High hopes, expectations, courage, aspirations, ambition, poise, beauty, intelligence, anxiousness, ideals, and desire are all gathered in one room.

The Casting Day of Miss Netherlands 2017

Not many events can rival the awe-inspiring Miss Netherlands finale in terms of scope and quantity. With aspiring Misses competing for a spot in the much wanted Dutch limelight and, most likely, in the back of their minds a ticket to the prestigious Miss Universe. Casting Miss Netherlands takes on a special significance and for the finalists it could mean a life-changing path, an introduction to not only The Netherlands and its loyal and committed audience, but a kick-start to a brand new career. And with that being said; the line-up at this years casting was already widely debated online. To address the latter; there was no online voting for the casting. The likes on the social media did not count in any meaning or way, as it simply held no weight for and during the casting. The guidelines for the casting are transparent and the only thing that did count was the submitted photo and the motivation as to why the aspiring wanted to enter the pageant. All the other claims on the social media held no bearing at all.

June 4th, 2017

On September 26, 2016 Zoey Ivory was crowned Miss Netherlands and now it is almost time for her to pass on the desired title and its glistening crown. But who will succeed Zoey Ivory? Her year of wearing the crown was nothing short of impressive and the next Miss will have a full-time job to follow in her influential viral footsteps.

It is 9.30am when I arrive and the one hundred chosen ones are still entering the foyer. Punctuality is not everybody’s strong point as the casting was scheduled to begin at 10.15am and many still did not check in. But those who were on time left an impression as I strolled around. And on that note, it is funny how different this casting feels opposed to one for a fashion show. The amiability amongst the young women was pleasantly notable as I watched them mingling with each other though the suspension was tangible in the air.

Let’s Get This Casting Started

10.15am: Eager and ready to go though there is an unexpected surprising twist as I am asked on the spot to not only report this memorable day, but also to sit in as one of the judges. And while yes, I have judged once before as an invited member at L’Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris this is a totally different world. But I said yes and I am so delighted I did.

Former Miss Netherlands 2002 Kim Kötter (Kim also organizes Miss Netherlands) takes the stage and after all the judges are introduced, all the invited competitors are divided into groups. Each group also gets a team captain assigned to guide and help them throughout the day. While all this is happening all the judges; Kim Kötter, Miss Zoey Ivory, Monica van Ee, Maikel van der Valk and yours truly take a seat on the massive stage inside Studio 21 which holds a capacity up to 5000 people, a bit of nerves was certainly not misplaced.

Introduce Yourself

Round one is all about first impressions. A pitch-black long catwalk awaits the aspiring Misses and walking that walk, before talking that talk is nerve wrecking for many. Wearing self chosen jeans, high-heels and a custom-made Miss Netherlands 2017 tank-top to ensure equality, each competitor is judged on their strut, looks and the question; why do you want become Miss Netherlands?

Smart with a great education stands out, as does the beauty from the inside and outside. And even though introducing yourself can be extremely hard and some of the motivations seemed to travel back to the 90’s pageant era, the majority did a pretty good job and chose their words very wisely. Confidently beautiful is key this year!

Between each group, the jury briefly compared the noted comments and much to my surprise, our agreement with each other was astonishing. And when not totally in agreement, I appreciated the fact that there was so much respect to elucidate. Plus I can honestly state; this pageant is 100% fairly judged! And while some were more experienced on stage, and a few were familiar faces from TV, each was purely judged from the second they entered the catwalk stage.

The Infamous Bikini Round

After lunch, while deliberations continued, the most notorious of all was scheduled for 1.30pm. I commend each on their courage to almost bare it all in front of total strangers sitting behind a desk. But, I also want to mention the following…..when competing in a pageant, and with this round being so significant, do take the following (for hopefully next time) in consideration and ask yourself; am I in my best (competitive) shape? And by my all means, the latter does not mean anorexic skinny, but simply is your body well taken care of, healthy and fit for stage. To clarify; I am the devil’s advocate when it comes to appreciate every single size on- and off stage, but in a competition like this some preparations to be the best you can possibly be doesn’t hurt (an inch or two). Especially when you take into consideration that being Miss Netherlands is a full-time and extremely demanding job. It is not just cutting a ribbon once in a while and walking on the red carpet with a big smile.

The bikini’s worn in this round were from the contestants own wardrobe. One of the reasons for this is that choice and style can say a lot and even positively change a judge’s mind. The round of guts to hopefully glory weighed pretty heavy in the judges decision to decide who would make it to the top twenty, before finalizing the last twelve. While some are blessed with legs that never seemed to end, others took their moment on stage with pride, confidence, and an enchanting smile. Did I change my mind in this round? Yes, I did! But only for the positive as I was in doubt with a few during the introduction round.

The bikini round was actually done twice this year as we all wanted to get a good and overall look. For the second bikini round all the contestants were asked to pull their hair back and place it in a ponytail. And with this, some seem to grow and showcased themselves even more as one of the top twenty finalists.

It’s a Wrap

So many talents, prettiness, and brainpower combined. Self-confidence flourishing right in front of our eyes as each round passed by. The top twenty was formed, but only twelve would make it to the final, a difficult task that was left to three other members of the jury.

For the final round, each from the remaining top twenty was invited for a one on one or should I say; one on three. Personality, social skills, and the ability to represent The Netherlands as a strong- and positive minded individual (who happens to be beautiful) took center stage in this round.

In between, the twenty remaining young talents got the opportunity to get to know a few of the Miss Netherlands partners. The partners which include; Mistral, Rob Peetoom, LashExtend, Idun Minerals, Kari Traa, Marc Inbane, and hannah had their booth set-up in the foyer of Studio 21. Getting acquainted with the brands is an important process for both the finalist and the partnering brands, as the final twelve Misses will be representing them up to the finale. And while making the cut from twenty to the final twelve was probably the hardest decision, the entire day was taken into consideration by the judges.


I am very honored that I got the opportunity to be a part of the amazing Miss Netherlands organization and without further ado, I proudly present:

The Twelve Finalist of Miss Netherlands 2017


Romy Dyanna



Naomi Lucia








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Images courtesy of Miss Nederland by photographer Lutske Veenstra

Written by Nathalie Edelsztejn – MissFashionNews for Miss Nederland 2017

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