BMW i8 Roadster x Fabienne Delvigne


Fabienne Delvigne dedicates two of her creations to the new futuristic BMW i8 Roadster

For the launch of the convertible i8 Roadster, BMW has asked Fabienne Delvigne to create hats reflecting the exclusivity, modernity and elegance of this new convertible and electrified sports model.

As a milliner who is curious and always ready to take up new creative challenges, it is with enthusiasm that Fabienne Delvigne created these two hats models, specially designed for this new sports car. This collaboration is part of an artistic and creative approach, at the crossroads of the automotive world, where fashion and sport meet.

In a universe often described as masculine, the automotive sector is nonetheless very popular with women. Belgium has several internationally renowned female drivers and I wanted to bring a touch glamour into this world of men”, says the designer. Craftsmanship, elegance, luxury and femininity; these are the characteristics that the Maison Fabienne Delvigne has brought into this partnership.

The creations

The Electra Hat

A brown straw hat encrusted with bronze and transparent coloured fibres that bring it an electric dimension. It is aerodynamic and reminiscent of the helmets worn by race car drivers.

The Vanina Cap

Created for active, young and dynamic women, this cap, adorned with a leather band, refers to the interior of the car. It has simple and elegant lines made with refined and high quality materials.

Stand out from the crowd Far from demonstrating traditional fashions and academic conformism, season after season the collections of the Maison Fabienne Delvigne exhibit an artistic temperament which draws its inspiration from daily life, encounters with the wind and from the fundamentals of modern art and design. A Fabienne Delvigne creation is like a sculpture which, exalted by the materials and the textures, plays with the lightness of the volumes and the shapes. Always an elegant style, never ostentatious, sometimes offbeat but not impertinent, looking for a subtle balance and lightness, the Maison Fabienne Delvigne accessories are a reflection of this imagination and know-how that have motivated the designer for almost 30 years. This know-how, developed since the end of the 80s, has allowed the milliner to obtain, over time, the support of members of several European royal families. A talent rewarded by obtaining the title of Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium granted by King Albert in 2001 and by King Philippe in 2013.

Images courtesy of BMW

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