No One Way to Be ‘An AXE Man’

AXE® Launches the Find Your Magic Initiative to Show There’s No One Way to Be “A Man”

Man up! Quit crying! Don’t be such a sissy! These are the type of behaviors 72 percent of guys have been told make them a real man*. The pressures caused by these rigid notions of manhood result in fear, anger and frustration. Moreover, 59 percent of guys believe they should act strong even if they feel scared, and nearly half think they shouldn’t ask for help with their personal problems*. This internal struggle can contribute to bullying, violence and even suicide. As a champion of self-expression, AXE believes there’s no one way to be a man and is launching The Find Your Magic Initiative to address this important issue.

Building on the brand’s “Find Your Magic” point-of-view that self-expression is key to confidence, this initiative aims to help break the cycle of toxic masculinity by providing guys with resources to live more freely. AXE intends to reach men and women with this message of confidence and individuality to further ignite the growing cultural conversation and create a healthier, more equal world for everyone.

The Find Your Magic Initiative kicks off with a new film as part of its “Is It Ok For Guys?” campaign that highlights the tough questions with which guys privately struggle before turning to Google search for guidance. Questions like “is it ok for guys to be emotional,” “wear pink” or “wear makeup” are examples of real searches that inspire the film. AXE is also collaborating with influencers to address these topics by sharing their own experiences and answering the question #isitokforguys. These personal stories will be told by Hunter Klugkist, William Haynes, Josh Peck, Ryan McNulty, and Wes Armstrong, among others.

AXE has also partnered with three non-profit organizations – Promundo, The Representation Project and Ditch the Label – to dive deeper into the causes and effects of the issue, drive wider awareness among both men and women, and help provide young guys with tools to be their most authentic selves. Respectively, AXE:

*Commissioned a study from research experts Promundo to better understand the challenges and pressures young guys face as the result of masculine stereotypes.

*Sponsored the “Unmasked” campus tour, enabling The Representation Project to bring screenings of its film “The Mask You Live In” to young men and women across the country.

*Worked with Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying organization, to create a new digital network that supports guys struggling with toxic masculinity through a unique online community.

Last year AXE asked guys to ‘find their magic’ and express what truly makes them an individual,” said Rik Strubel, Global Vice President, AXE. “But we can’t just tell guys to be themselves without addressing the underlying cultural issues and restrictive definitions of manhood holding them back in the first place. It not only hurts guys, it hurts everyone.

AXE is dedicated to helping you #FindYourMagic. To learn more about the Find Your Magic Initiative, “Is It Ok for Guys?”, visit

Courtesy: Unilever North-America

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