Miss Universe: Miss France wears OATV


This year, France will be represented by Alicia Aylies, Miss France 2017, for Miss Universe 2018. The finale of the international beauty pageant is taking place this upcoming weekend in Las Vegas on November 26th.

 92 candidates from all over the world are competing this year for the Miss Universe 2018 title. While all the Miss’s have been in Vegas now for almost two weeks one of the mandatory rounds (besides the evening wear, and infamous bikini round) is the national costume round. Each outfit for this round is inspired by their country and personal passion is part of the highlights of the ceremony.

Alicia Aylies, in agreement with the Miss France committee, chose the French couture house On Aura Tout Vu, to custom-made this special outfit reflecting her true personality.


On Aura Tout Vu is famous for dressing international celebs. And I have already written many blogposts throughout the years on this remarkable brand.

About Alicia Aylies national costume outfit made by On Aura Tout Vu:

The Guyanese fencing champion is one of the highlights brought to attention in Alicia’s outfit. Representing her passion for sports and bring a touch of glamour and femininity by introducing fencing symbols. Yassen Samouilov and Livia Stoianova, designers of the couture house On Aura Tout Vu, famous characters in the diversion of objects and atypical creations, deigned her outfit in respect of the French couture “savoir-faire”. Reviewed by the two designers and their team, the fencer’s outfit takes on the appearance of a conquering armor for a French fashion ambassador.

The original sketch made by On Aura Tout Vu

It’s composed by an authentic fencing breastplate and armor arm entirely embellished with faceted stones. A white body corset embroidered with Swarovski crystals and a white chiffon trailing skirt printed with the symbols of the Olympic rings. It is completed by a helmet and a sword from the house Prieur-Sports, entirely reworked by On Aura Tout Vu atelier. The helmet refers to the French tricolor flag with the encrustation of blue, white and red Swarovski crystals. The sword is fully crafted with Swarovski crystals on both neck and blade. An other twist to the sporty look, a pair of long white socks are embellished with the french national flag elements. The realization of this set requires a month of work and more than 2000 crystals, in partnership with Swarovski. In full adequation with the sportswear trend, On Aura Tout Vu designers wanted to create a very Couture Fencing outfit.


The Making Of:

Images courtesy of On Aura Tout Vu

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